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Spring Break Nark Tg Ar by benjiefrenzy
Mature content
Spring Break Nark Tg Ar :iconbenjiefrenzy:benjiefrenzy 66 0
Back To High School Tg Ar, Trade with Slurbangurb by benjiefrenzy
Mature content
Back To High School Tg Ar, Trade with Slurbangurb :iconbenjiefrenzy:benjiefrenzy 48 1
Futhering Your Education Tg Ar/Ap by benjiefrenzy
Mature content
Futhering Your Education Tg Ar/Ap :iconbenjiefrenzy:benjiefrenzy 112 2
Don't Break In Tg by benjiefrenzy
Mature content
Don't Break In Tg :iconbenjiefrenzy:benjiefrenzy 62 0
Don't be an Asshole Tg by benjiefrenzy
Mature content
Don't be an Asshole Tg :iconbenjiefrenzy:benjiefrenzy 67 1
Wish Gone Wrong Tg Tf by benjiefrenzy
Mature content
Wish Gone Wrong Tg Tf :iconbenjiefrenzy:benjiefrenzy 99 1
Tg Questionnaire College Slut by benjiefrenzy
Mature content
Tg Questionnaire College Slut :iconbenjiefrenzy:benjiefrenzy 90 2
Father's Secretary Tg Ap by benjiefrenzy
Mature content
Father's Secretary Tg Ap :iconbenjiefrenzy:benjiefrenzy 49 1
Cheer Bimbo TG by benjiefrenzy
Mature content
Cheer Bimbo TG :iconbenjiefrenzy:benjiefrenzy 74 0
New Life Tg Ar by benjiefrenzy
Mature content
New Life Tg Ar :iconbenjiefrenzy:benjiefrenzy 128 0


Learning what its like tg by thetgking
Mature content
Learning what its like tg :iconthetgking:thetgking 139 1
New Doll TG caption by MR-TG New Doll TG caption :iconmr-tg:MR-TG 115 1


Spring Break Nark Tg Ar
Spring break is a coming of age for college students everywhere. Nowhere is spring break better than at Panama City, Florida. Thousands of students go there to party every year. This year was no exception where Alyssa was partying. Alyssa is 19 and was on the beach with a beer when a cop walked up to her. The cop seemed to target her for no obvious reason. There were plenty of other people yet he came up to her. "Do you have any identification?", Officer Carl Walters said with a stern expression. "No sir, I'm in a bikini, I have nowhere to put one", Alyssa said startled. "Well I'm going to have to take you down to the station under suspicion of underage possession of alcohol". Alyssa wasn't going to let this jackass cop ruin her break so she took matters into her own hands. Alyssa then took a small vial from the cup of her bikini top and threw it at Carl. The glass broke and the liquid soaked into his skin. He then passed out but nobody seemed to notice. Then all of his body hair vanished as his whole frame slimmed down. His short black hair then lengthened to his mid back and turned blonde. His nails then painted themselves as his waist caved in. His hips then expanded as his butt turned into a sexy heart shape. Then two mounds appeared on his chest and expanded into D sized breasts. Then his dick shriveled up and a tight pussy formed in its place. His uniform then disappeared and a bikini appeared with an american flag design. His aviator sunglasses then turned red to finish the transformation. "Ugh what happened", Cassie said groggily. "You must have been partying a bit too hard", Alyssa said. "I don't know what you're talking about Aly, I feel great", Cassie replied. Then Shots by Lil John came on and both girls screamed and went to the nearest bar to get sloshed. "I fucking love spring break" Cassie screamed. "Me too", Alyssa screamed back. Then a hunk walked up to Cassie and asked if she wanted to see his "bar". "Sure hot stuff", Cassie said winking to Alyssa. As she was walking to the boys room with his arm on her ass she thought "I don't care if I'm under age. I'm here to fucking live my life and I'm not gonna let some nark ruin it for me". Just then the boy threw her on his bed for a long day of fucking and she couldn't wait. 
Back To High School Tg Ar, Trade with Slurbangurb
Richard has been feeling very depressed lately. He has a dead end job and very few friends, let alone a girlfriend. He flunked out of college and has no fire in his life anymore. Things weren't always like this though. In high school he was very popular, had tons of friends, and was a star on the track team. He had a great time and hasn't been that happy since graduation. "Man, I wish I could just go back and do it all over again", he thought. Just as he thought that a shooting star passed by overhead. Richard then started to feel dizzy and thought he should go to bed. While he was asleep some very weird things started to happen. He shrunk down from 5' 10 to 5' 3. His dirty blonde hair darkened and shot out of his head to his shoulders. Then his face slenderized and became feminine. His arms and legs slimmed down but became toned. He then lost his body fat as his abdomen became very toned. The fat then went to his hips and his chest where a pair of B cup breasts formed. His hips and butt expanded a bit and his butt became firm and perky. All of his body hair disappeared and his penis shriveled up and then formed a tight vagina. Her pyjamas then shrunk down to form a white lace thong and a large t-shirt. 

Rylee awoke to her mother yelling from downstairs. "Hurry up you'll be late for school"! Rylee jolted up and looked at the clock. She was almost late for school! She had a quick shower and got dressed in a simple pair of yoga pants and a tank top. She then ran downstairs and wolfed down a bowl of cereal. "Don't forget your track gear honey", her mom said. "I won't mom", Rylee replied as she grabbed her stuff and ran out the door. On her way to school she met up with her best friend, Alexis. "Are you ready for the big track meet this afternoon", Alexis asked. "Not at all. This is my first one as a freshman and my older sister said that they're a lot harder than in middle school", Rylee said. As they walked into the school a cute boy waved at the pair from down the hall then walked into a classroom. "Are you still going to the movies with Austin on Friday?", Alexis questioned. "Yeah. He's so cute", Rylee replied, blushing. "Well I'll see you this afternoon on the track", Alexis said, walking to her class. "See ya", yelled Rylee. As Rylee walked down the hall to her first class she thought, "I wonder what it would be like to be an adult"?
Futhering Your Education Tg Ar/Ap
Rick was a 33 year old man who's wife divorced him just after their son, Dylan was born. That was 6 years ago and Dylan is becoming a handful. Rick's wife wanted nothing to do with the two so he was a single father. Rick wanted to provide a good life for Dylan but his job wasn't paying that well because he never went to college. He always wanted to go to college but he couldn't because of Dylan. He didn't know what to do. Then Dylan walked down the stairs. "What's the matter daddy?", he asked puzzled. "I just want to be the best father I can be but that's hard if I don't have an education", Rick sighed. "You can go to college Daddy", Dylan replied. "I wish there was a way we could both go", said Rick. Just then a flower pot on the window sill started to glow and they both passed out. Rick started to shrink down to 5' 3" and his whole body lost all its hair and slimmed down. His light brown hair darkened a bit and lengthened to his mid back. His face then slenderized and gained a lot of makeup. He then gained painted nails. His butt then plumped up and his waist caved in. His chest then started to grow as two C cup tits pushed themselves out. His penis then disappeared and a wet pussy formed in its place. Then Rick's boxers shrunk and split in two. The lower half went around her waist and formed a red g-string and the upper half went over her tits and formed a red strapless bra. Then his shirt shrunk and formed a red tube top that wasn't much bigger than her bra. The letters USC formed on the top. His pants then rose up to the bottom of her butt and formed a white skirt with red and yellow stripes at the bottom. His socks then rose to her knees and gained the same colour scheme as her top. Then white sneakers formed on her feet. When Rick finished transforming Dylan was just starting. He grew to about 5' 5" and gained a very feminine build. His face matured but slenderized at the same time as a lot of make up appeared. His dark hair then turned platinum blonde and grew to the mid back area. He then got nail polish on his nails. His waist caved in and his butt plumped out into a sexy heart shape. Then a pair of perky BB cup tits pushed out of his chest. His skin became very soft when his body hair fell out. Then his penis slurped into his body and formed a tight pussy. Then her clothes changed into an exact copy of his former father. Then the room they were in started to shrink and turn into a college dorm room. They then woke up. "Like OMG Danni, we're gonna be like totes late for the party at the frat house", Rachel said. "Ugh gawd, like hold on for a sec. My makeup is like fucking smudged. I'm not gonna get laid if I look like a mall rat, gawd", Danni replied. "You look really sexy just like come on. Like none of us are gonna get fuckin laid if we don't leave now", Rachael replied. "Like I guess you're right. We do look really fucking hawt in these sexy skirts", Danni said in a sultry tone. "Oh B T dubs, my fucking mom found out I was like failing anatomy and I like loose my fucking allowance if I don't pull up my socks. Gawd my dad is like such a fucking loser", Rachael said. "Oh I know, my mom said I need to get at least a C to get that BMW that she like fucking promised me for my birthday. How am I supposed to like get laid if I'm driving a car that was built 4 years ago. It's like a fucking Dino...Dino...old as fuck", Danni said. "OMG what a fucking hag. We're like living in fucking poverty", Rachael replied. "You know what I'm not gonna like worry about that home shit right now. I'm getting fucking laid and I need to get #WGW first", Danni said. "I'm so fucking with you sister. But we like need to take a sexy insta selfie in our hawt outfits first", Rachael said. "Like I'm totally fucking Chad", Rachael said. "Awwwwwe I wanted him, fine I'll get Nate", Danni replied. They then strutted their sexy ass off to the fraternity without a clue about their former lives.
Don't Break In Tg
Andy has a very bad habit. He likes to sneak into the houses of people in his class and steal their underwear. He had done it to almost everyone except for this one girl named Carly. Carly was one of the hottest girls in his school and Andy knew if he could get a pair of her panties he'd be the ultimate raider. Andy waited until a Friday night because he knew Carly usually went out and she probably wouldn't be home. When the time came he was ready. He dressed in all black and a ski mask in case somebody did notice him so he wouldn't be figured out. Then he waited outside her house until the sun went down. There were no lights on so he went over to the side of the house under Carly's window and climbed the brick up. When he crawled through the window everything was quiet so he went over to her dresser and opened the top drawer. When he opened it he was surprised to only see one black thong, nothing else. When he went to grab it it felt like it pricked him and he passed out. As he was passed out his face mask and all of his clothes disappeared. His body slenderized and shrunk down to about 5' 4". His finger and toe nails gained polish to have a french look. His dark hair grew to just past his shoulders and turned blonde. His face softened and makeup appeared on it. Then all of his body hair disappeared and his skin became silky smooth. Then all of a sudden his waist caved in and his hips flared out to create an hourglass look. His butt plumped out into a sexy heart shape. Then a pair of soft breasts formed under his nipples. The very last changes happened when his penis shrunk into his body to form a tight pussy. Clothes started to form on the new girl. A sexy black bra formed on her tits and the black thong went around her waist. A small black skirt then formed over top of her thong. Then a sexy black crop top formed over the bra. Andy's sneakers formed into a sexy pair of black sandals with a 4" heel. The final touch was a black and white choker that formed around Andy's neck. Andy then started to wake up and as she did Carly walked in and said "well don't you look nice". Then a flood of memories poured into Andy's head. She forgot all about being male and now remembered herself as Allie, Carly's sister. "Ugh, what happened", Allie said. "I don't know but your date, Ben is downstairs". "Oh god I hope he wasn't waiting too long, he's taking me to my favourite restaurant tonight', Allie replied. "Ooooh, sounds romantic", Carly said sarcastically. "Oh shut up sis, it is romantic, you're just jealous that I have a sexy boyfriend and you don't", Allie said. "No because all the guys in school are creeps. I feel like half of them have my panties", Carly said. "Well I'm very lucky to have the one guy who isn't a creep" Allie said leaving. As Allie got in Ben's car she knew that after dinner some dessert was waiting for her at his place and she couldn't wait.
Don't be an Asshole Tg
David works in corporate at a very large company. He makes a lot of money and that has gone to his head. One night after a long day at the office David and his coworker Henry decided to go to one of the strip clubs downtown to blow off some steam. Even though David makes a lot of money he still doesn't spend wildly. When he and Henry arrive they sit down near the bar with a good view of the stage when one of the strippers walks over and asks him if he wants a dance. "Oh god no! I know you need to make a living but your're dirty and I don't want to waste my money on people like you", David said rudely. The stripper says "you are such an asshole" and walks away. A couple minutes David really needed to use the washroom so he runs down a hallway but doesn't realize that he walked into the woman's washroom. As he runs in he realizes his mistake but there was no one in there so he went into a stall and sat down. As he was in the stall and odourless gas fills the room. And unknown to David he starts to change. First his hair lengthens to his hips and turns a platinum blonde colour. Then his face softens down and lots of makeup is applied. He then starts to shrink from 6' to 5' 5". His arms slim down and all of the body hair on his body vanishes. His legs then slightly lengthen as his hands and feet become more dainty and nail polish covers his nails. His waits caves in and his hips move out to give him an hourglass look. His chest then starts to grow as two C cup boobs push out. Then his butt puffs out into a heart shape and his dick shrivels up into a clean pussy. Her clothes then start to disintegrate and all that's left of her business suit is a skimpy set of hot pink lingerie. Her wing tips then start to move upwards and stops at her mid thigh as they grow a 6" heel on a platform and turn the same hot pink as her lingerie. The last part of the transformation happens when a few tattoos appear on her body and a bracelet appears on her right wrist. She now walks out of the stall remembering herself as Destiny, a college student who pays her tuition by working at a strip club. 

Henry is sitting at the table as he notices the hottest stripper he's ever seen walk out of the washroom hallway. She sees that a man in a suit is staring at her sashays over in a sexy manner. She sits across from him at his table and leans down to give the businessman a good view of her cleavage. "Hey there big boy", Destiny says in a very sultry tone, "How about you and I go up to a private room". Henry, who had never got a lap dance before, was hesitant. "I'll give you the Big Wig rate", she says with a wink. "Okay sure", Henry replies with a slight stutter. Destiny then holds his hand and leads him upstairs to the private rooms. As the two were walking up the stairs another stripper was walking down, who just so happened to be the same one who David was rude to. "Hey Destiny, make sure you give this one a good time", she said with a wink. Destiny the lead Henry into the room and just before she closed the curtain she said "Don't worry about her, she can be an asshole sometimes". 


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