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Richard was a 35 year old man who had a fairly decent life. He was the regional manager of his firm and he had a beautiful wife of 4 years. The only problem is that his wife really wanted a child and he despised kids. "They'd be loud and obnoxious", he'd say. And if we had a daughter it'd be even worse. They only care about themselves and they are so annoying. His wife always wanted a daughter and it was becoming very clear that she wasn't getting one from her. It was coming up to Richard's 36th birthday and she needed to find something to get him. While he was at work she went to the mall to try to find a birthday present. As she was walking around she noticed a store that just opened. It was called Jeffrey's Magic Emporium. As she walked in she was greeted by a man who looked to be about 25. He said "welcome to my store. I just opened it up and I have stuff you won't find anywhere else." They started talking and she explained that it was almost her husbands birthday. They looked around and they kept talking and she mentioned how she wanted to have a daughter but how Richard didn't want to have any part in raising a child, especially a daughter. The store owner said "I have the perfect thing for you". He brought out a container that was the size of a small salt shaker and said "I know it doesn't look like much but you and him will love this gift". She bought it and left the mall. A few days later when Richards birthday came she brought him breakfast in bed without telling him that she put the whole container of the powder in the pancakes. She left the room to let him eat and clean up. As he ate he started to feel odd. He started to slowly get shorter. He lost about 6 inches and stopped shrinking at about 5' 3". He was so satisfied with breakfast he didn't even notice the changes. His short black hair started to get longer and turned into a dirty blonde colour. His eyes then became slightly larger as his face slimmed down. His nose became more petite and his lips puffed out slightly. His ears became smaller as they got pierced by small studs. His arm shortened and became much thinner. His hands became delicate and painted themselves. His torso shortened and his waist shrunk in. As his waist shrunk in his hips pushed out slightly as he lost much of his body fat. His penis started to shrivel up and slowly turned into a vagina. His legs shortened but not as drastically as his torso as his feet became no larger than a size 6. Her toes were then painted the same colour as her fingers. Richard was enjoying his food so much that she didn't even notice her clothes start to change. The T-Shirt she was wearing started to get shorter as the arms disappeared. The neckline plunged as a small bra started to form. Small AA sized breasts started to form under the bra. The now tank top changed from a white to a pink colour. Her boxers then got much smaller and hugged his hips as they turned into a baby blue thong. Her pyjama bottoms then shrunk up her legs as they turned into denim. They finally started shrinking as they reached her upper thighs. As some hair ties formed on her wrists Richard finally got up and went to the bathroom. As she looked in the mirror she screamed so loud you could hear her across the street. As soon as she stopped two people ran into the bathroom one of them was her wife and the other was a man she didn't recognize. Her wife asked what the matter was. She said "what the hell was in the food you gave me"? "What on earth are you talking about Rachael"? Said the man. The new Rachael said "who is Rachael and who are you"? "Jeez I never thought turning 13 would make you so crazy, that's no way to speak to your father". As he said the word father Rachaels eyes turned from the original brown to blue. "Like, oh my gawd Daddy, I'm like so so sorry. I think I hit my head in the shower. Please let me go to Sarah's party tonight". "Okay but only because it's your birthday. Under regular circumstances I would ground you after using that language". Rachael's new parents left. "Like, I love my parents and all but they are like so old fashioned." She then walks into the bedroom that Richard was in a few minutes ago and it has completely changed. The walls are a perry winkle colour and the bed has pink and purple sheets with tons of stuffed animals. In the corner there's some balloons that say happy 13th birthday. As Rachael walks over to her bed her new sparkly iPhone that she just got for her birthday dings and hit was Sarah. "What time are you coming overrr? Oh btw my big bro said he could get the black flies for you", the text read. "OMG tell him thankies so much. You can't tell my parents that I'm gonna be drinking or they will like literally kill me. Or that there is like any boys there". Later that night Rachael got dropped off at Sarah's house by her new father. "Bye daddy, I'll like text you tomorrow when you can pick me up". As she walked in she could recognize almost everybody there as most of them were in her 8th grade classes. Except for one hot boy in the corner. Later in the night after 4 black flies (her body can't handle much liquor) she went over to the boy and started making out with him. They got each other's numbers and soon after the boys had to leave and only a few of the girls stayed to sleep over. As Rachael was falling asleep she thought "Like I can't wait to meet that guy again". Completely unaware that she used to be a guy married to her mom and her dad didn't even exist.
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December 26, 2016
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